Week 11 – Technology I Will Use

What technology will I use to allow students to demonstrate they have met the standards targeted by my rubric? What are the classroom management considerations that I must address?

As a means of differentiation I plan on having more than one technology available for students. We have been learning a bit more about Voicethread in the classroom as a means of teaching others. If they select Voicethread it will be just that, a tool to teach others about their project. They will be able to show their pictures they have taken with the camera. The camera is intended be used with Voicethread. If they choose to use the document camera it will merely consist of putting their work under the camera to discuss with their peers how they completed their projects. And finally, if they choose to use the ShowMe app on the ipad they will be able to talk as they draw a replica of their projects to explain their process.

The above-mentioned tools will allow for students to demonstrate that they have met the criteria mentioned in my rubric, but there is always the question of how to address classroom management when technology is implemented into the classroom. The first piece to classroom management with these technology tools is to teach them how to correctly use them. Without the proper use of tools it quickly turns to chaos. Teaching students to use Voicethread might be tricky, but I plan to do as such during developmental centers during the end of the day. They are able to work independently while I pull aside two students to instruct them in Voicethread to do the necessary recording for their work. The voice level chart I have helps assist with the noise level during this time, as well as the choices available to them at tables. The document camera is rather simple to manage with the class as it could be done while everyone is in the group meeting area. For those choosing to use the ipad and the ShowMe app I would use the five ipads during our math block in the morning. It would be used at a separate table than our work tables so it wouldn’t disrupt the work of others.

As far as talking with my PLN, I feel it was minimal this week. The contact I did have was during my other class. We discussed projects, how we were feeling, areas of confusion, and the like. It was only once over the past few weeks, so though it was very helpful and felt like a breath of fresh air, I could have used more.


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